Monday, August 24, 2009

Fear Me, For I Have the Power to...Do...Something

Well, it took some time, but a process that started with a slyly coded message in a siding circular mailed to my apartment ended this weekend with my being inducted into the Omniscient Council of Vagueness! You know how you'll occasionally hear about things that "they" say, such as "they say you should wait 45 minutes after eating before going in swimming"? That's us!

(Except, of course, that I gave a bad example - we didn't actually say the swimming thing. That was the AMA. But it does illustrate that we frequently get credited for stuff we didn't actually do. Kind of like the Bush Administration, really.)

The first meeting was on Sunday, and involved learning the secret handshake, as well as being given the login credentials for our seemingly endless bank of hidden cameras and microphones. I have to admit that I totally failed to keep my cool when I found out that my handshake tutor was none other than Andy Ihnatko; he was nice about it, but after ten minutes I could tell that my complete geek/fanboy reaction to realizing who he was had worn thin.

Instead of squee-ing, I should have asked him to bring me up to speed on current projects - I have no clue what our current goals are, and I have to imagine that somebody will eventually notice the frankly disquieting amount of time I spent hooked into the camera network in Alyson Hannigan's house Sunday night. (In my own defense, it was either that or CSI. Plus I had no idea that Alyson knits her own insulating beverage-can holders.)

I suppose I shouldn't be sharing this, since the OCoV is technically a secret society, but considering that I haven't had a single comment on this blog since I started it over three years ago, how much trouble am I likely to get into?

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