Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gen Con - Day Zero

I'm at GenCon for the next four days (or what the GenCon marketing folks call 'the best four days in gaming'), and am looking forward to a few different events (that I'll hopefully be able to chronicle here). As it stands, though, the first day of any convention is the travel day, or Day Zero. Each travel day has its own stories and frustrations, and this one was no different. It started well before the actual travel day, when our plans from last year fell apart because Senior decided he couldn't afford to go to GenCon this year. Victor picked up the ball and ran with it, and four of us decided we'd travel cross-country in a rented Lincoln Town Car from Minneapolis to Indianapolis. Then a good friend, who we'll call Bill, asked if he could ride out with us, and we agreed. Victor's wife frequently gets motion sickness on long car trips, so we'd agreed to let her sit in the front seat. Unfortunately, this meant we had three reasonably good-sized men (or more accurately, two good-sized men and one huge one) squeezed into the back seat together. After a few hours, it was clear that we weren't ever going to be comfortable, and Vic's wife, bless her heart, agreed to move into the back seat to help us all out. In order to try to keep her from getting nauseated, we occasionally broke out a deck of 'Would You Rather' cards and asked each other questions. (The game developers will be glad to know that the car was frequently filled with raucous laughter during these sessions.) We arrived in Indy without further incident after about a 12-hour drive, checked into our traditional hotel, and crashed. Today is day one -- more updates as events warrant.

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