Friday, August 15, 2008

GenCon - Day One (continued)

The evening brought a number of interesting things: - A couple of friends who came to GenCon were participating in the first of the 'last chance' championship qualifiers for D&D Minis, where the top four participants get invites to play in the championship tournament on Saturday. One finished eighth, the other fifth. - A friendly, attractive woman responded to my flirtateous comment about her hair color (red, which I LOVE, btw) by sitting down in front of me and asking, 'Can you teach me how to play this game?' Holy crap! What untapped source of karma did I suddenly open up like a fire hose? Unfortunately, though I tried to give her an entertaining intro to DDM, I think I ended up kicking her ass and driving her from the minis hall; I haven't seen her again. - We ended up leaving the con early, as our long road trip on Wednesday caught up with us. We headed to a nearby sandwich and pizza shop for dinner. The city of Indianapolis has not shown its best side to us on this trip. Granted, part of the reason is that we're staying in one of the 'bad' sections of town, but we haven't yet experienced a 'good' section of town, even the area around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. When we got out of our cars to go into the restaurant, two very aggressive drunks/panhandlers latched onto us and didn't leave, even after we went into the restaurant, until Vic bought them sandwiches. (The store proprietors ended up giving us a free sandwich, perhaps as a 'thank-you'; I thought that was cool, and the sandwiches were really good.) Day One ended with my roommate and I camped out in the room watching Olympic women's beach volleyball and drifting off to sleep. Day Two is about to begin, and the end of the day promises True Dungeon adventure, so a wildly gushing post tomorrow morning is already penciled onto the agenda.

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