Thursday, August 14, 2008

GenCon - Day One

There are two theories when it comes to going to a big gaming convention like GenCon: 1. Go as hard as you can, doing as much as you can, until you drop from sheer exhaustion. 2. Pace yourself, getting in the stuff you want to do, but leaving time for spontaneous discovery and occasional fallow periods during the con. Theory one tends to be practiced by younger con-goers who have the stamina for such a marathon sprint; it also helps to have a good idea of what you're already planning to do, because you can schedule yourself to within an inch of your life. Theory two is the one I currently subscribe to, not just because of advancing age, but also because this year I didn't have a firm idea of exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to do different things, and though there were a few events I knew I wanted to repeat from last year (True Dungeon, the D&D Minis Community Draft), for the most part I wanted to do things I hadn't done before. So far, I've hobnobbed with a bunch of old friends and acquaintances, showed a friendly and attractive woman the basics of D&D Minis, and spent nearly $100 on the show floor buying dice and novelty T-shirts; in other words, I'm doing what almost everybody else is doing, and loving it. We'll see what the evening brings.

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